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Every picture has a story to tell...


I'm Jessica, a thirty-something, red headed Mama to two beautiful boys Sydney Ray & Lennon Otis (yes, we're music lovers!). Sydney, my firstborn, has the most magical imagination. Lennon is utterly wild. When they were born, so was 'Magically Wild'. It's the epitome of my boys, and what I believe childhood should be. 


I spend my days with a large coffee in one hand and my camera in the other as I chase my boys around the house capturing their most candid moments that they will be able to look back on in years to come. And when I'm not running around with a camera in my hand, you'll find me dancing, watching Friends, drinking red wine, watching Disney World Vlogs or creating Pin boards to redecorate my boys bedrooms (AGAIN!).


My passion to pursue a photography career only came after the birth of my first son in 2019 where I learnt just how quickly time goes. I knew I wanted to capture the everyday moments that can be so easily forgotten.  The first time he walked to the park hand in hand with Daddy, those huge grins as he laughed at his older cousins, his tightly shut eyes as he naps for a very disappointing 25 minutes, his ever changing hair, foot size, smile and personality. The list goes on.


My approach is very child-led, natural and fun. Capturing raw moments of love, happiness and closeness. The best photos are unposed, those that you didn't even realise were being taken. By capturing these moments, when you look back, in years to come, you won't just remember what it looked like in that moment, but how you felt too, and that is so incredibly special. 

Whether you want me to capture the special time as you settle into life with a newborn, or a moment of your feeding journey, some updated family photos, or a special birthday party or event, I would be honoured to come and spend time with you and your family and capture some special memories for you to treasure forever. 


Jessica Xx


Jessica has done so many amazing family shoots for us, but by far my favourite has been when she came to photograph our third beautiful little babe. 


She photographed us as we were - a new family of five, tired and still in the newborn fog - stepping into our chaotic, messy home. But oh my, what a job she did. They call it beautiful chaos, and she really did make the chaos look beautiful! 


We will be forever grateful of these photos because they depict such a precious moment in time. Every time I look at these photos, I remember exactly how it felt, and exactly what it looked like, and I’ll be forever grateful for Jessica for encapsulating these memories for us!

Laura, Rosie's Newborn Shoot


"Those who don't believe in magic will never find it."

Roald Dahl


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