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Introducing Magically Wild: The Blog...

So, here goes. I must be mad. But in between my photography, running a parenting focused instagram account @raisingtheregans, being a Mother to two baby boys and generally living a hectic lifestyle, I've decided to start a blog too!

For those that don't know, I used to run a really successful fitness/health/lifestyle blog called 'All The World Blog' which I decided to stop in 2017 after relocating to the North West of England, and feeling as though I didn't have the time for it. So this isn't my first rodeo!

What will I be discussing over on this platform? I hear you ask. I'm utilising this platform as an extension from my Instagram where I discuss and showcase all things parenting, motherhood and anything relevant in my life. And also a place to showcase more of my photography!

  • Parenting/Motherhood: I want to discuss everything from pregnancy to birth, toddlerhood and the gritty stuff that isn't often discussed or shared. I want to highlight things that parents often go through but don't talk about from fear of judgement! I LOVE talking all things 'Mummy' so expect this to be a huge topic of conversation!

  • Product Recommendations: Things I love and couldn't live without. You will only find my honest recommendations here. Whether it's kids clothes, weaning products, coffee machines or places to go, I will share these things with you so hopefully you can find what you're after too!

  • Home Interiors: I adore scrolling through Pinterest myself, I have pin boards with 1k+ pins on for my future dream home, which will one day become a reality if I work hard enough!

  • All Things Photography: How to create some fun shoots at home, how to choose a photographer for those special occasions and how to plan for shoots such as the infamous Christmas Minis, or for your at home newborn shoot!

You might be thinking, why? Or even, who cares? (That's ok). Let me tell you why. I love to write. I love to help others by sharing my experiences. Finally, for my own mental health and wellbeing, I find the more productive I am, the happier and more content I am. So, here goes. A new, fun adventure for me, and hopefully for you too!

Please say hi & subscribe (just pop your email in the subscribe box at the bottom of the page) there will be monthly competitions to win exciting prizes, so make sure you subscribe right now! Then, all you need to do is keep a look out in your emails for my next post. Let's just say, it may or may not be Christmas themed (learn this now guys: I LOVE CHRISTMAS, like, seriously L.O.V.E IT!!).

Love always,

Jessica Xx

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